Elena and damon dating 2016

19-Nov-2017 10:14

When People’s Choice caught up with Dobrev at Paley Fest last March, we asked her to weigh in on the show’s central love triangle.

Does she imagine Elena reuniting with Stefan (Paul Wesley) when all is said and done? Though the interview took place nearly a year before she announced plans to leave the show, Dobrev’s answer sheds some light on her vision for her character.

As it turns out, Dobrev doesn't want Elena to end up with either of the Salvatore brothers (sorry, Stelena and Delena fans! Instead, she thinks Elena should reunite with her first love: Matt (Zach Roerig).

And if they’re not, who’s willing to come back and play.

Hollywoodlife called in an expert to look the chemistry. She’s always looking at him, or leaning toward him.

“The chemistry is there, but they are doing a good job trying to hide it,” Leading body language expert Dr. They can hide all they want, but the body doesn’t lie.

So that means no more cutesy, lovey-dovey photos between them on social media?!

"I didn't want to be dating one of my costars -- my goal on the show was to be professional," Dobrev told Seventeen magazine last fall.Lillian Glass told them after looking at photos of Nina, 21, and Ian, 31, courtside at the Lakers game May 27 and shopping together in Venice, Calif. The truth comes out.” “His hands are in his pocket [while they are shopping], which means he’s hiding, and his thumb is down, which means he doesn’t want to reveal anything,” she said, explaining, “He’s tight-lipped — it means he’s holding back.

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